The Left vs. America


Below are a dozen ideas proposed by progressive politicians and groups.  These radical policies are meant to "fundamentally transform America." 

But polling proves that the American people are strongly opposed to the left's extreme agenda.  Share this with friends and family.  The Silent Majority must make itself heard!


Defund The Police

Only 16% of Americans support defunding the police.[1]


Abolish ICE

Only 24% support abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.[2]


Open Borders

Only 24% support the open borders agenda.[3]


Sanctuary Cities

Only 20% support "sanctuary city" policies that shield illegal aliens from law enforcement.[4]


Illegal Aliens Voting

Only 29% support allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections.[5]


Free Healthcare For Illegal Aliens

Only 38% support giving "free" or taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal aliens.[6]


Prisoners Voting

Only 25% support allowing incarcerated prisoners to vote.[7]


Packing The Court

Only 27% support adding more justices to the Supreme Court.[8]


Abortion On Demand

Only 13% of the public believes abortion should be legal in the third trimester.[9]


Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion

Only 39% support taxpayer funding of abortion.[10]


Transgendered Athletes

Only 28% support allowing biological males to compete against girls or women in female athletic programs.[11]


Slavery Reparations

Only 21% support reparations for slavery.[12]